Pet Urns

Our pets are part of the family and deserve a lasting memorial that will remind us the the many fond memories we share.  Pet Urns are hand made in the USA to provide your special friend a permanent keepsake.  These beautiful memorials provide safe keeping for ashes or a fur clipping.

  • Beautiful & Finely Crafted in the USA
  • Durable & Tightly Sealed
  • Suitable for Ashes or Fur Clipping
  • Wide Selection of Colors and Styles
  • Available in Natural Wood or Acrylic
  • Approximately 2 1/2″ long.


Each urn is hand cut, turned on a lathe and polished to a smooth glossy finish.  They are very durable and are designed to last a lifetime.  They can be displayed on a shelf or added to a key ring or purse.

pet urns in wood

pet urns in bluepet urns in greenpet urns in blackpet urns in redpet urns in purplepet urns in pink


Hand made pet urns by the Shallus Pen Company can preserve these memories.

At the Shallus Pen Company, we hand craft every Urn…

…right here in the United States. We also create fine writing instruments that will bring you great joy.

Jacob Shallus was the Engrosser or Penman of the Constitution of the United States whose hand written document is on display in the US National Archives. Jacob Shallus served as the Assistant Clerk of the Pennsylvania General Assembly at the time of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Shallus Pen Company honors the memory of great patriots by creating the finest handcrafted writing instruments – unique creations with the finest materials by a master craftsman.